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Province, Zhejia■ng Province, Shan〓dong Province◆, Guangdong Prov●ince, Fuzhou a○nd Changsh◆a.According to the ●Plan, consu◆mers who t○rade-in old〓 household applia■nce in accordance wi○th the scope of● subsidy to purchase◆ new model wil〓l receive a subsidy〓 in the amoun〓t of 10 percen◆t of its price. The

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○re will be a maxi◆mum subsidy ■limit set for ●each type o●f household app○liance. In additi●on, the go〓vernment will provid●e fixed subsidie●s


to compensate ○any costs incurred ●as a result of ●transporting old◆ household a●ppliances 〓within the sc○ope for dis◆mantlement and ■disposal.China is◆ s

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ubsidizin■g consumer〓s who buy ◆energy-effi〓cient home ap◆pliances. ●Consumers will◆ receive betwe■en 300 yuan to 8◆50 yuan for ○buying one ener○gy-eff

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icien◆t air-condi◆tioner, refriger○ator, television,● or washing■ machine. T●he National Develo◆pment and Re◆form Commissi〓on says the move■ is expected t

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o g◆enerate as much ◆as 500 billion y●uan of consumption○ demand and ◆save 75 bi○llion kilowatt 〓hours of powe〓r annually●. The subsidy■ program will last t◆hree years◆. The State C■ouncil pl

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